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MEC introduces LenSx®

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FemtoSecond Laser Lasik

Femtosecond Lasik or Bladeless Lasik is the latest technology introduced for patients suffering from Myopia (near sightedness), Hyperopia (far sightedness) or Astigmatism.


Bladeless Cataract Surgery (LenSx)

FemtoSecond Laser Cataract or Bladeless Cataract or LenSx® Laser surgery is one the most advanced Cataract technology in the world today.


Speciality Treatment

We offer specialty treatment in various areas of Ophthalmology like Glaucoma, pediatric eye care, and dry eye disease (Computer Vision Syndrome).


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Advanced Pre-Lasik workup

• Visual ability of Cornea
• Evaluation of retina
• Analyse aberrations with the latest technology all these to achieve Personal Best Vision


5000 plus eyes corrected successfully for over a decade

Advanced technology

To provide predictable outcome giving independence from Spectacle and contact lens


• Single use device - Fresh Consumables for each patient
• Strict IP protocol - Weekly swabs from OT, Daily sterilization of OT, makes the procedure at MEC totally risk free

Lasik Surgery

LASIK stands for Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis. It is a form of laser eye surgery that can correct a wide range of vision imperfections.

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Mehta Eye Clinic is the first Eye Clinic in the city of Mumbai to introduce LenSx® - the completely bladeless Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • Sunil Godse Sunil Godse
    Coming to the Mehta Eye Clinic can be summed up in one simple sentence - it has changed my life. Being born and raised in Canada, I have been wearing glasses and contact lenses for the better part of my life and I have had to spend so much money on replacing them or lens solution just to see! The glasses also interfered with playing sports as I had to constantly wipe them or push them up my nose bridge just so I can play! Now, I am free of all that and can see so clearly! The advice given to me prepared me so well for the operation, and Drs. Mehta talked me through the operation. The recovery was so quick and smooth. The facilities were so clean and staff extremely friendly. Choosing to do this in India and not Canada is not even a decision and would highly recommend the Mehta Eye Clinic to anyone! Thank you for giving me back a significant quality of life back. Who knew that not having glasses would improve life so much? I know that now!
  • Mukesh Pujara Mukesh Pujara
    I had a very bad eyesight in only in Left eye with Right eye reasonbly ok. I was advised cataract surgery which I did immediately... After the surgery I was very happy as I was given new numbers in both eyes. I do not know how to express any happiness with the new vision. I am more than happy, Thanks to Dr and Staff for the same.
  • Priyanka Somaiya Priyanka Somaiya
    Vinod Sir & Siddharth Sir you both have given me my eyes back. Freedom from a life with obstacles. Vision was never so clear and so much better. No headache because of lenses that I previously experienced. You have blessed me with a new life... I owe you both big time. You both are filled with love and compassion for your patients. Love you and bless you both !!!
  • Varun Shah Varun Shah
    I had very high number and could not do anything without my specs. After getting LASIK done it feels great as I no longer need to rely on specs. It's a great feeling and I feel totally refreshed and happy. Thanks to the Drs at MEC who did a great job.
  • Sanjay Padwal Sanjay Padwal
    I never thought of my eyes without glasses. Dr. Mehta gave me detailed explanation regarding lasik treatment which boosted my confidence to undergo surgery. Thanks to Dr Mehta and Staff for new vision.
  • Bhaichand Shah Bhaichand Shah
    I am thankful to Dr Vinod Mehta for performing catarct surgery on my father. He can now see things clearly and feels confident to move around. Thanks to MEC for such a beautiful experience. - JENSIH SHAH (son of MR BHAICHAND SHAH)