About Contoura Vision

With evolving times, lasik surgeries in India has seen umpteen advancements & progress. They have proved to enhance the vision of millions by reducing the need for corrective eyewear to see clearly. Contoura Vision Eye Surgery is another leap in Lasik Surgery aiding your eye surgeons in creating a customised lasik procedure to improve the quality of your eyesight.

Contoura Vision is the latest FDA approved lasik procedure which optimally reduces the corneal irregularities of your eyes.

As per the clinical studies, Contoura Vision Eye Surgery has helped 30% of the patients achieve better than 6/6 vision (an ability to see at 6 metres what an average person can see at 6 metres). Thus, helping them see better without glasses than they did with the glasses.

What makes it so unique?

The key striking feature of Contoura Vision is the fact that it adds a technological edge to the treatment over the regular lasik surgery. While the previous laser vision correction techniques have successfully offered patients incredible precision & accuracy while reshaping the cornea and addressing visual refractive errors, Contoura Vision takes the treatment further.

How its so unique?

Instead of just treating the eyeglass prescription, it utilises unparalleled diagnostic capabilities, i.e. a three step correction technique using a Femto Laser, Excimer Laser and a Topolyser , to identify & record the minutest imperfections in the curvature of cornea thereby providing an aspheric correction of spectacle power while also correcting your corneal irregularities and working on visual axis. (Our eye has two kinds of axis, namely, Pupillary Axis which passes though the centre & Visual Axis which passes through the line of sight, they’ve a difference of 5 degrees. While other laser procedures treat on Pupillary Axis, Contoura Vision is directed towards Visual Axis). Post which the measurements are combined with eyeglass prescriptions to give your eyes a better focusing surface, thereby deriving a much superior visual outcome. Not just that, even a lot of the side effects of various other Lasik procedures such as light sen-sitivity, difficulty in night driving, difficulty in reading, glare, starbursts, halos tend to diminish with Contoura Vision.

Why choose Contoura Vision Eye Surgery?
  • Enhanced Quality Of Vision – Contoura Vision has the ability of correcting even the minutest distortion’s in the cornea, leading to enhanced quality of vision , which is the need of the hour for the symptoms in post lasik procedure, which are markedly reduced or absent in contoura.
  • Enhanced Quantity Of Vision – Contoura Vision empowers you with a possibility of improved reading capacity by one line as compared to corrective eyewear. (As per FDA’s proven clinical trials).
  • Enhanced Surgery Experience – Contoura Vision meets the highest standards when it comes to safety and providing a painless experience. The surgery takes place with NO BLADE, NO STITCHES, NO INJECTIONS, NO BANDAGE AND NO HOSPITALISATION.
    You can walk in to the centre without any worry & step out with an absolutely perfect & sharper vision. The treatment experience is made efficient & effective to ensure better vision..
  • Enhanced Post Surgery Experience – Most patients may feel discomfort or issues after undergoing a traditional lasik surgery, however with Contoura Vision you are entitled to a better post-surgery experience.
  • Enhanced Trust – As per FDA’s proven results of a survey, 98% of patients who underwent Contoura Vision Eye Surgery were extremely satisfied & happy with the procedure and expressed willingness to choose the procedure again.
  • Step 1 – The procedure is standardised and begins with an elaborate evaluation of your eye. In order to ensure quality, the evaluation takes place with a state of the art diagnostic system TopolyzerVario.
    The evaluation also comprises of a complete preoperative screening to assess the eligibility and safety of LASIK procedure for the patient.
    In case the patient is found to have any retinal lesions (like thinning/ hole/ tear), then they’re first treated with barrage laser and after 1 to 4 weeks, Contoura Vision LASIK is performed.
  • Step 2 – On the basis of the evaluation, your surgeon devises a customised treatment plan derived from the data provided by TopolyzerVario by mapping the corneal irregularities using 22,000 unique data points.
  • Step 3 – On the basis of the initial planning, Contoura Vision Eye Surgery is executed by capturing the topographic images of the patient using topolyser.
    Contoura Vision FemtoLASIK is executed on WaveLight Refractive Suite which is claimed to be the fastest laser in the world.
    Post this, there’s a thin corneal flap created using the Bladeless Femtosecond technology on the FS 200 laser and a topoguided laser ablation for refractive correction is performed on the EX500 Excimer laser.
  • Step 4 – On successfully completing the procedure, within 30 minutes you can leave the premise.
    A customised Post Surgery plan shall be handed over to you which may include eye drops to prevent infection and to facilitate the healing process.
    The recovery is short & enables you to resume your normal routine in a day or two.
    You will be called for Post Surgery assessment at regular intervals of time to ensure everything is alright.
The prerequisite criteria to undergo Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery are :
  • You must be an adult (18+ years)
  • You must have a stable eyewear prescription
  • You must have <3D cyl. power
  • You shouldn’t be having a thin cornea
  • You shouldn’t be having Sph. Power >8D
  • You shouldn’t be suffering from a significant corneal pathology
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