To see the world clearly is my dream which came true because of Mehta Eye Clinic. The doctors and staff are nice, perfect and patient. I completely trust the doctor... Thanks so much again.
Limin Li

Limin Li

I had a very poor vision in my right eye, which was very troubling. Coming here was the best decision I have made. Got the desired result and I am very happy about that. A very organized clinic and well behaved staff... Thank you.
Mitali Jog

Mitali Jog

I was operated for cataract in both the eyes at Mehta Eye Clinic 8yrs back from now.Even today my eye sight is perfect even though I am 78yrs of age. I can read newspaper without glasses. Few of my relatives who went for cheaper operations for cataract, unfortunately both were blind in no time. I am very much thankful to Dr Vinod Mehta and his staff for his finest treatment given to me.

N H Lalla

My eyes were operated by Dr. Vinod Mehta and I am fully satisfied with the result. Before operating I was very scared. Though many of my family members got operated by Dr. Mehta. After much scrutiny and thinking I decided to get my eyes operated. I have never felt like hospital or clinic in Mehta Eye Clinic as the atmosphere and staff is very friendly. I wish all the success to Dr Vinod Mehta and team.

Shailesh Mehta

I got my both eyes operated within a span of 4days.Must mention that even during the operation the voice of Dr Mehta was soothing and assuring. The Staff here is very polite and guide you properly . Needless to mention Mr. Anand Orpe was very helpful and had prepared clear and updated papers so that I could put forth my mediclaim without any queries. The counselor Ms Vrushali too has a soothing presence and answers all your queries and apprehension with smile on her face. I would recommend Dr Vinod Mehta's clinic to one and all..wishing them the very best. Thank you.

Mrs. Geetha Doraiswamy

A lot of thanks to Dr. V C Mehta, Dr. Siddharth Mehta, Jigisha, Mansi. My mother in law was afraid but the staff allayed her fears for the surgery. The staff is very polite and helpful. Thank you so much.

Chandika Ghelani

There is nothing more precious than the gift of eye vision; MEHAT EYE CLINIC became the perfect place for me to get the best of the treatment for CATARACT surgery, from great approachable, well-mannered & well-behaved supporting staff; great infrastructure with all the latest technologies adapted and the most important aspect, Doctor Dr. V. C. Mehta, Dr. Siddarth Mehta with all their experience and great expertise helped me improve my vision near to perfection.

Rakesh R Gosalia

I, Madhusudhan B Assar, have undergone cataract operation at Mehta Eye Clinic. Right on entering the clinic the ever ready to help staff assisted me in completing the initial formality without wasting time. Following that the other tests and consultation with Dr Vinod Mehta and Dr Siddharth Mehta was also very satisfactory. Overall the pre operation, during operation and post operation – all departments have been par excellence.

Madhu Assar

My vision problem has always been a reason for worry. It came to a point where I could not even see the vehicles coming from a distance, particularly in evening and night. This in turn made it difficult for me to travel or go out to dark, dull lit areas or when crossing roads. Even when Cataract surgery became the only option, I kept delaying it. But Dr VC Mehta and Dr Siddharth Mehta made me feel confident about it when I went for consultation. And the result has been amazing after the surgery! I can now see everything clearly and in close detail. Feels like I’m seeing the world with new eyes!

Dilip Talsania

Mehta Eye Clinic has been doing a great yeoman service to the community in Ghatkopar region with respect to eye care. I am greatly impressed by the cleanliness maintained in the clinic. All the staff are extremely cooperative and polite. I indeed think that Dr VC Mehta and Dr Siddharth are experts in their field and deserve kudos for having introduced LenSx technology for the benefits of patients.

S Verma

I have been using high power lenses since last 40 years and also have retinal problem. After recommendation from a friend and a lot of apprehension about my eye condition, I decided to visit Mehta Eye Clinic. Doctor advised me to undergo cataract operation which could serve my problem and provide me long term vision. After getting my operated, I feel fine and am doing well. I can now see clearly and do not have to depend on anyone.

Bharati Velani

Professional handling of my case and surgery has been done. The experience has been good so far. Both Doctors have shown the expertise that their reputation carries and Dr V C Mehta has been extremely calm and sage like that never made me doubt about the success of the treatment . Dr Siddharth has answered all queries very amiably and been approachable.
Thanks to the support staff for making me comfortable and being helpful.
Melville Goveas

Melville Goveas