• Venkat K.
    Venkat K.

    "The dependency on glasses has caused lot of toruble. I feel really happy having that dependency removed by one of the BEST clinic in INDIA.. Thank you."

  • Shantanu Davda
    Shantanu Davda

    "I have done Lasik in Mehta Eye Clinic. I had a huge power in Both Eyes. But due to lasik totally gone. Thank you all"

  • Dr. Pinanky Jadhav
    Dr. Pinanky Jadhav

    "After years of apprehension and contemplation I finally decided to undergo Lasik. The whole process was painless and quick and I am very happy with the outcome. Thanks to Dr and team."

  • Harvinder

    "I visited several other doctors before visiting Mehta Eye Clinic and I got convinced for lasik surgery. The procedure was quick and painless morever I made a quick recovery and I am happy to get my perfect vision back."

  • Niyati Iyer
    Niyati Iyer

    "Had undergone a bladeless lasik surgery. It was a beautiful process. The process was short and the doctors did guide me through everything while it was happenning. Thank-you!"

  • Cherry Dhawan
    Cherry Dhawan

    "I Had undergone a bladeless lasik surgery. It was a beautiful experience as the staff and Dr Siddharth made me so comfortable through the process. Also my mother was super happy as she got to see the whole process. The process was short and the doctors did guide me through everything while it was happenning. Thank-you!"

  • Shivali Ruparelia
    Shivali Ruparelia

    "I did lasik surgery of my both eyes (fully computerised). Surgery was succesful and now my vision is very clear. I am happy that I got rid of glasses and lenses. Hopefully it will have long lasting result. Thanks to Dr Vinod and Siddharth Mehta!!"

  • Niti Ashar
    Niti Ashar

    "I Received the Femto Lasik procedure at MEC, 1 week ago I am completely satisfied with the outcome The procedure was painless and very quick. I also felt very well informed about anything and everything that was occuring. I am so excited to wake up and see without any glasses or lenses. Thanks to everyone at the clinic, it was worth it !!"

  • Dimple Shahdadpuri
    Dimple Shahdadpuri

    "Finally I broke up with my glasses. The surgery was hardly for 10 mins. I wasn’t scared since I have seen people after post lasik very free and comfortable without glasses. It was so smooth and without pain that I didn’t even realise its done. I highly recommend to people for MEC because of 3 factors Care, comfort and Trust."

  • Kerav Shah
    Kerav Shah

    "I had undergone lasik surgery on 14th june 2018. After watching the world through glasses for 11 long years. Watching through my eyes directly was an experience I will never forget. A Big thank you to MEC for new life without glasses!!!!"

  • Aboli kulkarni
    Aboli kulkarni

    "The treatment is quite sophisticated and was done rather quickly. Great results and I am satisfied with the services and have nothing but compliments for the staff and doctors. Thank you, now I am glasses and lenses free."

  • Palvi Korgaonkar
    Palvi Korgaonkar

    "The procedure was carried out a week ago and today I have registered a ‘0’ number. I thank the entire team here for their kind and efficient approach. I am fully satisfied with the consultancy and post op treament given to me."

  • Chandni Poddar
    Chandni Poddar

    "It feels really good not to have to wear glasses/lenses anymore. Everyone at the clinic is super professional & nice. Very happy that I got LASIK done. Thank you to everyone at the Mehta Eye Clinic."

  • Bertran Aguiar
    Bertran Aguiar

    "I underwent FEMTO LASIK surgery (BLADELESS) here at MEC. The staff were polite and informative. The surgery itself went very well and was basically pointless. I was nervous before the surgery, but now realize how easy and safe it really is. The surgery was successful and I have perfect vision. Thank you MEC! I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends & family."

  • Happy Patient
    Happy Patient

    "The best thing that can happen to anyone wearing glasses (specs) from childhood is getting rid of those as early as possible. I am glad that with the help of Dr. Vinod Mehta & Dr. Siddharth Mehta, I got rid of those. I mean, the staff is also extremely friendly & caring. Initially, surgery which I was scared about was carried out with extreme care by the Doctors & their accompanies. It is my pleasure that I was offered the best. Now, I can see through the world without any irritating specs on my eyes. Thank you to Doctors & staff for the cooperation."

  • Mayur

    "I got my LASIK done last week... Its been an amazing experience for the least to say. I am wearing glasses since I was 15 & the feeling to not wear the same now is amazing. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning & took a month to decide after Pre-Lasik & must say the decision is worth it... FEMTO Bladeless LASIK is painless & just 10-20 minute procedure & you are home in 40 mins after the surgery & back to normal routine in 3-4 days. I highly recommend to this for everyone who has glasses & is eligible to..
    Thank you Dr. Siddharth for the support & help post surgery. The staff at Mehta Eye Clinic is very helpful. Thank you Again!!!"

  • Ameeta

    "I have been a patient of Dr. Vinod Mehta since I got glasses in my 12th Standard. Over the years I moved from glasses to contact lens but was experiencing some restriction that came with it. Initially, I was hesitant and unsure of opting for LASIK but finally decided to for it last year.
    I would say a big thank you to both, Dr. Vinod Mehta (who has been recommending the LASIK treatment since my last few visits) and Dr. Siddharth Mehta (who made me extremely comfortable during the procedure). It has been an amazing experience since the surgery! Not having to wear glasses/lenses gives a sense of freedom to do an array of activities.
    Last but not the least, I'd like to thank the staff at the clinic. They have been kind and helpful throughout. I highly recommend LASIK to others considering getting rid of glasses and more so have it done at Dr. Mehta's clinic."

  • Riya

    "I have been a patient of Dr. Vinod Mehta and Dr. Siddharth or a long time now and it's always been a pleasure. The staff working here is also very polite and extremely helpful. They all are very professional and can be trusted."

  • Shreya Khandelwal
    Shreya Khandelwal

    "I had glasses since almost 9-10 years. Never wore lenses since I was conscious about how will I look without glasses. Then got to know about Lasik Operation at Mehta Eye Clinic through Dr. Vivasvaan Parekh. Initially was skeptical scared and nervous. The Doctors and other staff are very cooperative and sweet supportive. Came back after a month for follow-up with a new face and high level of confidence. It was MAGICAL!
    Thank you so much! (Special thanks to Dr. Mansi, Dr. Siddharth and Dr. Vinod)"

  • Dimple Thacker
    Dimple Thacker

    "I got my Lasik done three years back and honestly, it feels like I never had specs. Before my surgery I was super nervous and scared but the surgery barely took about 10 minutes and the care to be taken was only for a day that too fully guided by the doctors themselves.
    Before my Lasik surgery, I had very high power in both my eyes. You can say that I was completely dependent on my specs or lenses but now I feel so free when there is no more hassle of wearing the lenses every day.
    All credit goes to Dr. Vinod Mehta and Dr. Siddharth Mehta. Thank you for giving me a new and better vision.
    I recommend everyone who is nervous or skeptical regarding Lasik surgery to go forward with it and I assure you, you won’t regret ever.
    I am forever thankful to Mehta Eye Clinic."

  • Jimmy S. Gala
    Jimmy S. Gala

    "Feeling wow... waking up and not wearing lens or specs… Amazing experience after many years. My great regret is that I should have done it long back. But happy now with LASIK and thank you so much Dr. Vinod & Dr. Siddharth Mehta and staff for supporting and helping out to get rid off my fear. Cheers!"

  • Abhishek Datar
    Abhishek Datar

    "The surgery was wonderful. Totally worth the cost. Finally free of glasses. The experience was wonderful. All the doctors and staff were very kind. Lastly only one thing to say 'It was totally worth it'"

  • Ruchit Shah
    Ruchit Shah

    "I had very high nos. I have done my Lasik operation in Dr. V. C. Mehta clinic. My operation was totally successful.
    I can now see very clear and don't have any problems. It's little expensive and worth it for lifetime.
    Thank you all doctors for giving me all advice & suggestions. I am now very happy & feeling satisfied. Thank you."

  • Rupali Mohota
    Rupali Mohota

    "Being a part of medical background, I did a lot of research before opting for Mehta Eye Clinic. Service & cost both are worth opting for. Since 4-5 years, I have been thinking to do a Lasik surgery & finally. I am glad I made the right choice.
    The procedure is painless except that there feels a pressure during docking. The advice & post lasik precautions are well explained by doctor & staff. Before the procedure, I was too anxious & nervous. But MEC made me feel comfortable and I am happy to choose them. I can see everything without glasses & am looking forward to this new life. Thank you everyone. God Bless!"

  • Shimon Dias
    Shimon Dias

    "After a lot of consideration, I opted for the contoura LASIK, and it has been one of the best decision I've ever taken.
    Right from the pre LASIK workout, all the way to the follow up, the staff has been very good and approachable and have answered all question and queries.
    The procedure itself was not at all painful and was completed in under 10 minutes. It all went smoothly and I could see well from the next day. Vision has been refreshing and hope to keep perfect vision throughout. I would definitely recommend Mehta eye clinic to anyone who would wish to opt for Lasik.
    Looking forward eagerly to a glasses free life. Thank you doctors & staff."

  • Yogesh Tiwaskar
    Yogesh Tiwaskar

    "I had gone through Lasik surgery last week. I am very happy about the procedure. All the staff and doctors are very co-operative and supportive. Now vision is very good. I can see without my glasses. Thank you so much Dr. V. C. Mehta & Dr. Siddharth Mehta."

  • Needa

    "I had undergone LASIK surgery a week ago. I had already heard a lot about Mehta Eye Clinic since many of relatives had recommended this clinic for LASIK. One of the most hygienic and properly operated eye center.
    The doctors as well as the staff are very co-operative and friendly. Will definitely going to recommend it to other people.
    Now about the operation, I am able to see clearly without lenses & specs. The results are satisfying. Thank you!"

  • Mitali Jalan
    Mitali Jalan

    "After a lot of consideration, I went ahead with ICL. I was a bit worried and nervous but it was a painless surgery with only discomfort. It feels great to have clear vision and I'm still getting used to the same. Very friendly and helpful staff. Dr. Mehta is very reassuring and answer all my questions with great patience."

  • Nireeksha Shetty
    Nireeksha Shetty

    "Thank you so much for having a bladeless option. Still I was very nervous & tensed before the surgery but the staff & both the doctors were very understanding & the staff was always there to explain you the procedure & make you feel better about the surgery.
    Nevertheless, to say it has been a great experience with the clinic pre & post-surgery and I can't be more thankful to the doctors & staff for making it happen and now I am able to see without any dependency. Thank you so very much."

  • Pritul Thakkar
    Pritul Thakkar

    "LASIK operation was very easy & relaxing. I had seven burning for 3 hours after operation. But overall operation was very smooth and took very less time. Very much pleased with advancement in the whole process of surgery. I am looking forward for my spec less life."

  • Neha Bhatia
    Neha Bhatia

    "I chose MEC for LASIK surgery. The entire experience from the Pre-Lasik checkups, pre surgery and post-surgery card and follow-ups was great. The surgery went very well. The doctors and the staff ere helpful, supportive and great before, during and after the surgery.
    My vision is now 100% without glasses and we hope for it to stabilize soon!
    Thank you all at Mehta Eye Clinic!"

  • Chandravadan Doshi
    Chandravadan Doshi

    "Amazing response from the staff and doctor. Felt really good and warm. Initially very scared for the operation but the way doctor had handle it felt fantastic. The staff is really caring.
    Thank you so much Dr. Vinod bhai & Dr. Siddharth bhai for this amazing experience"

  • Jeslin John
    Jeslin John

    "Its been five days since my surgery, the procedure was very comfortable and the recovery from the last few days is also very good. The doctor and the staff are very helpful in guiding the patient and answering their quiries."

  • Viren Dave
    Viren Dave

    "The surgey was performed very well. The staff is ver supportive and the surgery was painless. I got clear sight within two days of operation. For LASIK operation I would suggest this clinic to my friends as it has been a very fruitful outcome for me."

  • Abhishek Tiwari
    Abhishek Tiwari

    "The bladeless lasik surgery was quick and painless. I am the fourth member in the family to opt this surgery at Mehta Eye Clinic. Results are very satisfying."

  • Kirti Meheshwari
    Kirti Meheshwari

    "Extremely satisfied with the entire service provided from the ver start i.e, the pre-lasik test to the post surgery follow up. The surgery was painless and quick. Looking at the results, I have already recommended MEC to a few of my family members.
    Thank you once again for a great experience."

  • Sahil Gandhi
    Sahil Gandhi

    "The Lasik surgery was absolute breeze .The Pain was minimal and post surgery care was excellent.
    Thanks to MEC for their services... I recommend them 100%"

  • Prachi Thakkar
    Prachi Thakkar

    "Initially I was too scared for lasik but after I am done, I just feel amazing. My vision is clear now. And while I was taken for the operation I was too nervous but I was taken care by all the doctors. I am happy that I don’t have to wear specs anymore !!
    Thank you Mehta Eye Clinic "

  • Shubham Bapna
    Shubham Bapna

    "My vision is absolutely perfect now since my lasik
    Chosing contoura was all worth"

  • Kaushal Shah
    Kaushal Shah

    "Amazing experience...
    Kudos to MEC for giving me a specs free life

  • Advait Thakur
    Advait Thakur

    "I opted for Contoura lasik, a week has passed and the results are amazing. My vision was dependent upon thick rimmed specs, I can now enjoy sensorial freedom. I am overwhelmed and excited by the whole experience
    Thanks Dr Mehta and staff"

  • Pratik Vazirani
    Pratik Vazirani

    "I was in Mumbai for a short period of time and decided to get my lasik done as I was very careless in wearing my glasses. The pre lasik and lasik procedure was done in a systematic way. Because of Dr Mehta's perfection I don't have difficulty in seeing anything.They were very helpful after procedure by making a follow up call to know about my condition.
    Thanks a ton to MEC"

  • Kshitij Rangnath
    Kshitij Rangnath

    "The procedure was very quick and painless. I am happy with the correction and gaining back my specs free vision."

  • Priyesh Raimangia
    Priyesh Raimangia

    "I had been wearing glasses since the age of 15, but never liked it. I am always interested in playing sports like football and cricket, but the glasses were a constant hindrance. This is when I heard about the BLADELESS Lasik procedure at Mehta Eye Clinic and enquired about it. The Staff here are extremely professional and helpful, and the instruments worldclass. I made up my mind on 10 minutes and got it done. The procedure took just 10 minutes...
    Now it is my time to enjoy the freedom from glasses"

  • Neelam Vijay Jain
    Neelam Vijay Jain

    "Good ambiance, co-operative staff, Dr V. C. Mehta was very friendly during the cataract procedure. I was very relaxed during operation. I am very happy with my vision now."

  • Dale D'silva
    Dale D'silva

    "Having done my Lasik was not at all painful. A ver systematic procedure. The staff is co-operative. There is good facility available"

  • Arun S. Chaubal
    Arun S. Chaubal

    Equipment: Modern & Latest
    Staff: Well trained, friendly & co-operative
    Cleanliness: Excellent
    Furniture: Neat, Clean & Need based
    Instructions: Proper
    Overall Experience: Excellent

  • Bhavin Mehta
    Bhavin Mehta

    "Doctors are very helpful. Surgery was good. After operation my quality of vision improved a lot and I am happy with the Lasik operation."

  • Vihaan Kanade
    Vihaan Kanade

    "Very good. Entire process was made to look very simple and smooth. Was never aware it could be so easy.
    Followup with patient and care shown makes you feel good.
    Thanks a lot to both mehta doctors and their entire team for a fantastic and helpful experience of surgery."

  • Seema Sejpal
    Seema Sejpal

    "Amazing. We have been visiting doctor for more than 15 years now. Our parents have got their catract surgery done from him. Excellent"

  • Jayalakshmi Mahadevan
    Jayalakshmi Mahadevan

    "This is one of the most professionally handled clinics with equal warmth and efficient patient care. The easy workflow space has made the entire process very comfortable and time efficient. Dr. Vinod Mehta and Dr. Siddhartha both have a very cheerful disposition which eases the patient. The cataract surgery too went off effortlessly like a breeze. The post op care was well explained. Mr. Anand attends well to the patient and relatives. A place I would recommend to everyone. Thank you."

  • KNK Vasan
    KNK Vasan

    "Both Dr vinod mehta and Dr siddarth made us extremely comfortable and took the time to explain everything to us. Also our queries were addressed adequately. Now we anticipate that post operatively too our experience with follow ups etc with the clinic would be pleasant. Overall, staff is decent and courteous too."

  • Amish C Shah
    Amish C Shah

    "Very satisfied with the overall experience. Courteous staff who was willing to answer all doubts (most important to get a comfort with the doctor in my view). Besides the latest equipments is an awesome experience."

  • Dina Bhosle
    Dina Bhosle

    "It was a wonderful experience in Dr. Mehta Eye Clinic for cataract operation through laser technology & wonderful human touch. Excellent co-ordinations between teams during visits. Keep it up!!!"

  • Gunvant Sangavi
    Gunvant Sangavi

    "It is indeed great experience to be treated by you. It is a homely atmosphere. The team work is very co-operative. Excellent co-ordination during each and every visit and well maintain records. Keep it up.
    Thank you once again"

  • Alice T. Koshy
    Alice T. Koshy

    "It was an enriching and pleasing experience here at your clinic, doctor!
    We remain faithful for the healing and restoring intervention of the Almighty through your blessed hands, and for the caring atmosphere at your clinic."

  • Brijesh S. Poojari
    Brijesh S. Poojari

    "I had my Lasik in the year 2005 when I visited Mehta Eye Clinic diving for Lasik was more worried about my eyes. Infact my dad was more worried than me, he advised me to opt out just before the Lasik. In fact the world has really changed for me after Lasik. No more worries going in to crowded train or enjoying the waterfall picnic.
    Thanks Dr. Mehta for the happiness & satisfaction."

  • CA Ronak A. Pavani
    CA Ronak A. Pavani

    "I had my femto Lasik on 4th April 17. From the next day vision was so clear I cant explain those feelings. Searching for specs after shower, after waking up is gone now. I can enjoy the 3D movies without any problem.
    All thanks to Dr. Vinod Mehta & Dr. Siddharth Mehta. Thanks a lot."

  • Afreen Qadri
    Afreen Qadri

    "I had my vision correction procedure on 6th April, though initially i.e. on 1st day of few hours I was thinking why did I performed this procedure, now on 11th day after my procedure I am glad that I did it & would recommend everyone whose wearing glasses & want to get rid of it.
    I like my life more now after getting rid of my glasses. Thanks to all the satff & Dr's. for this gift.
    God bless."

  • Venkat Reddy
    Venkat Reddy

    "I was referred to MEC by my friend for lasik. After getting her feedback I decided to get my