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Dr. V.C Mehta participates in Chaitanya Academix 2014's Phakology Event
Dr. V.C Mehta was part of the key panel discussion at Chaitanya Academix 2014's Phakology. The event was held on 15th June 2014 at Hotel Grand Days, Trivandrum. With participation from both national and international delegates, the CME event was held on the topic of FemtoSecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery and was conducted in 4 sessions. Hosted by Chaitanya Eye Hospital and Research Centre, the event had didactic discussions on the use of the enviable 'Femtosecond Laser' for cataract extraction and basic aspects of Cataract Surgery were also discussed by the panel. The event was both illuminating and enriching for all participant Ophthalmologists. Dr V.C Mehta’s insights and views on the topic were very well appreciated by delegates.
Dr V.C Mehta participates as moderator for EyeAdvance Focus 2014 in Mumbai
EyeAdvance Focus 2014 was the 20th Anniversary Congress of EyeAdvance 2014, organized by the International Academy for Advances in Ophthalmology and held in conjunction with Focus 2014 - the Annual Conference of Bombay Ophthalmologists Association. One of the biggest conglomerations of Ophthalmologists in Mumbai, the event was held from 20th to 22nd June 2014 at Renaissance Convention Centre Powai.
Dr V.C Mehta was part of this very prestigious event and extended his participation as moderator too. In day 2 of the event Dr Mehta delivered key note on the topic of "The Curious Case of Opacification" and on day 3, he spoke on topic of "Multifocal IOC for every session".
Mehta Eye Clinic introduces CENTURION® Vision System for Cataract Treatment
Mehta Eye Clinic has introduced CENTURION® Vision System for Cataract - the industry's only intelligent USP technology platform. We are the first in India to bring this technology. The CENTURION® Vision System sets a new standard in phacoemulsification technology and revolutionizes cataract treatment. Its intelligent phaco platform dynamically optimizes every moment of the cataract removal procedure and ensures better efficiency. The machine is designed for surgical comfort and precision to enable better patient outcomes. Through the addition of this technology Mehta Eye Clinic becomes one of the leading clinics in India to offer the best in class Cataract suite.
Watch Mehta Eye Clinic's latest bladeless cataract technology - LenSx
View the latest video from Mehta Eye Clinic on LenSx technology. Dr VC Mehta & Dr Siddharth Mehta share insights on this revolutionary, completely Bladeless Cataract surgery. Mehta Eye Clinic is the first to introduce LenSx in the city of Mumbai.
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Dr VC Mehta participates in PAO 2013, the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Philippines Academy of Ophthalmology.
Dr VC Mehta participated recently in PAO 2013, the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Philippines Academy of Ophthalmology held from December 4-7, 2013.
Dr VC Mehta was one of the distinguished international faculty at the PAO 2013 event. Apart from conducting a talk on IOL Exchange, Dr V C Mehta was also on the panel as moderator for the forum on The Femto Wars: Why LenSx or Victus or Catalys or LensAR.
The meeting theme of the year was "Lasers, Lenses and Loading Doses" which covered latest advances in laser, intra-and extra-ocular lens technologies, and the new developments in ocular pharmacology. A distinguished panel of local and international ophthalmologists were resource speakers for this premiere ophthalmic educational event.
LenSx, the revolutionary new Laser assisted Cataract surgery at Mehta Eye Clinic
Watch how LenSx is changing the future of eye care! Dr VC Mehta & Dr Siddharth Mehta share their insights on why Mehta Eye Clinic has chosen this completely Bladeless Laser assisted technology to make a difference to patient care.
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We have been featured!
Press release about our latest LenSx® technology featured in Press Trust India and Bio Spectrum
Mehta Eye Clinic once again lives up to its promise of bringing you
tomorrow's technology today!
Mumbai's 1st Lensx® surgery - at Mehta Eye Clinic
Introducing for the first time in Mumbai
LenSx® the unique, completely Laser Assisted Cataract surgery technology!
We are proud to announce the introduction of LenSx® at Mehta Eye Clinic - the first of its kind, completely bladeless Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery in the city of Mumbai. LenSx® is unquestionably the most technologically advanced option for Cataract patients and offers numerous advantages over traditional Cataract surgery. We have set a new milestone for ourselves by becoming one of the first Eye Clinic in Mumbai to embrace this path breaking technology for our cataract surgeries.
Also known as FemtoSecond Laser, the LenSx® Laser is a revolutionary, Robotic precision Cataract Surgery technology certified by the US-FDA. More than 27,000 LenSx® laser cataract surgeries have been performed in 30 countries by over 600 surgeons. The excellent performance of LenSx® enables to reduce dependency on human skill by replacing it with advanced technology. It enables surgeons to operate with unmatched precision and computer-control, and customize the procedure to your eye. Thereby, ensuring predictable outcome in every single patient case. Using LenSx®, our surgeons can now make precise and safe incisions, break up the cataract easily and remove the tiny pieces to insert artificial lens implant.
Within just one month of installing this technology, we have successfully completed significant number of LenSx® Laser surgeries. Dr Siddharth Mehta is in fact the first surgeon in Mumbai to do a LenSx® Laser surgery! The outcomes have been excellent with patients achieving early visual recovery and many more patients have now shown interest in opting for LenSx® Laser surgeries.
Live surgery by Dr VC Mehta at the 64th Delhi Ophthalmological Society Annual Conference!
The Delhi Ophthalmological Society (DOS) is the largest State Society in India with over 7000 members. DOS Annual conference is a 3 day celebration of Ophthalmology-live surgeries, wet labs, workshops, instruction courses and free papers showcasing original research work.

Dr VC Mehta was invited to perform a LIVE Cataract Surgery at the 64th DOS Annual Conference. This was followed by an interview with him about the surgery. Dr Mehta also delivered a lecture on 'Automated IOL implantation technique', where he spoke about advances in Cataract surgery.
The event held from 12th to 14th April saw participation from renowned Ophthalmologists across India.
MEC's 1st CME a grand success!
Mehta Eye Clinic organized its first ever CME (Continuing Medical Education) meet on 31st March 2013, with many prominent Ophthalmologist from all over India. The meet was a big success and was very well received by all delegates ! Interesting insights, talks and panel discussions made the event extremely interactive and engaging for the audience.
Free Eye Camp organised by C.G Eye Foundation!
C. G. Eye foundation has organised a Free Eye camp at Jaswantlal Vithaldas Parekh Medical Centre, Ghatkopar West, under the supervision of Dr Vinod C Mehta. The Eye Camp will be held on 21st April 2013 at 10.30 am and will cover Free Eye Test, Free Reading specs, Free Eye drops and Free Cataract Operation with Phaco-Laser and Lense.
Appreciation Award presented to Dr. V. C. Mehta by Arpan Eye Bank
Appreciation Award presented to Dr. V. C. Mehta by Arpan Eye Bank Arpan Eye Bank (AEB) presented the Appreciation Award to Dr. V. C. Mehta for rendering his unstinted support for the promotion of Eye donation and Eye banking on the momentous occasion of Drishti Mahotsav on 24 Feb 2013.
Arpan Eye Bank is an NGO based in Ghatkopar with more than 2 decades of service. Its strong foundation laid by its founder trustees have helped this NGO to achieve commendable success over the years. With the support and contribution of luminaries like Shri Jaisinh Karia (Kaka) Founder Trustee, Shri Harkishan Desai, (Past Trustee), Dr. Vinod C. Mehta (Hon. Technical Director, AEB) and Smt. Kusumben Pranlal Shah (Wife of Shri Pranlal Shah) the NGO is focused on doing much more to make a difference to lives!
Drishti Mahotsav 2013 marks the Silver Jubilee of AEB and also celebrates the milestone achievement of 10000 donor eyes.
Glaucoma week celebrated at Mehta Eye Clinic
March 10th-16th was celebrated as the World Glaucoma Week. Mehta Eye Clinic celebrated the occasion by spreading awareness among patients about Glaucoma, its symptoms, treatment and care, and by launching its new Facebook Page around the theme of Glaucoma. MEC's Glaucoma centre is one of the most advanced in the city, offering Laser surgery facility. In fact, MEC was one of the first in India to acquire Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT), an advancement over other lasers that has been used safely and effectively in Glaucoma treatment.
MEC's First ever CME to be held on 31st March 2013
Mehta Eye Clinic is organizing its first ever CME (Continuing Medical Education) meet on 31st March 2013 from 9 am to 1 pm, with many prominent Ophthalmologist from all over India. A culmination of interesting insights by stalwarts of the industry, the meet will be based around the theme of "Refractive Cataract Surgery Focus 2013".
The CME will be conducted at Mumbai and will consist of 4 sessions. The sessions have been designed to welcome the views of renowned Ophthalmologists and share their innovation, to refine and simplify advanced surgical and medical management procedures. Special care has been taken to select topics to provide ample scope of discussion and build a consensus. A panel discussion on Customer Delight in Cataract Surgery will also be part of the program to be chaired by Dr Vinod C Mehta.

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Dr V.C Mehta completed his medical training and post graduation from the prestigious Mumbai University, He had his training in Phaco under Prof.Leuen berger GENEVA and Lasik training under Dr.Benhard Dick and Dr. Omed Khermani from Germany.